Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Toys R Us Halloween Costume Winner

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Bernie said...


Mines up as well at AussiePomm - A night at Harry's!!!!

Have a great day!!

CB said...

Scared ya, didn't I?
That's my eldest, Allan, the Toys R Us sales man for Hotwheels products These photos were taken this Sunday when the local mall where they worked held a Halloween Costume contest.

@Bernie Thanks for the visit, Happy WW!

CB said...

We are not really into the celebration of Halloween, no - not anymore - we haven't for years since '06,
but my eldest just wanted to join in the contest for the sake of art, so to speak.
(Shh!) Being a driven and competitive guy, he just wanted to show that real men win a
costume contest too, and that costume contest are not just for fairies and mermaids alone :D

He planned this Halloween costume at the last hour, the night before. At 12 MN, he tried on this look..
and woke up his brother - who else but the artist - Charlie - but who happens to also be a devoted future pastor.
Charlie at first glance, got quite a shock thinking "Oh no, he's done it after listening to those songs
by Incubus. I better pray for my brother" A minute later, when the shock wore off, Charlie
was laughing as well when his brother told him why he picked this costume. His dress rehearsal was still downplayed that night, the photo now is the complete get-up.

The next day, afternoon after church, Allan texted me if I want to come over his workplace and see.
Much much later, me and Jayson went. And whoa! the halloween costume was awesomely scary!
He won 2nd place in the halloween costume contest. :) He says plenty of costumers took turns taking his photo with them, he'd just wish they would post it on twitter or instragram :))

Congrats, Allan! Job well done for a personal cause!

ngpaloma said...

nice costumne!!!

ngpaloma said...

it looks scary :-) and contrats for winning second place

Katy Borela said...

was here for wordless

Dominique Goh said...

that looks like a lot of fun for your guys. Happy WW

CB said...

thanks @ngpaloma - it is very scary, as Allan even parents in the mall were astounded with the make-up. :-) actually, one can copy the look when you search youtube videos on halloween make-up tutorial. Allan just picked a winner, I guess.

@Katy - thanks for the visit, happy WW!

@Dominique - yes, am surprised, it sure was fun! happy WW to you too

Self Sagacity said...

looks like fun! awesome jaw.

Cafe au lait said...

Wonderful pics! Happy WW and happy Halloween!

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