Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Compost Pile On Our Frontyard

What a term I describe myself as landscape designer wannabe, ha-ha, if you only know how I work with my feeble hands :-P

So what was I thinking here? ..

I covered the small area of the yard with compost material since the compost has reached it's 14 days maturity. Will be watching closely if my plan would work. I mean, if the compost material would bring about healthy soil, then that means I could have it done to the whole area. Just until I could get truckloads of garden soil next month.

More weeds to remove here. Thank God I was able to get a helper work on the farthest side of the house (the backyard) for a wage worth 150 pesos. That was two weeks ago, and no matter what I do, I couldn't go back to the house and work on it yet. 

It's a busy week, with my boys' semestral break and all. I need to enjoy for a while! :)


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